Feral Coots

The Saga of Modern Feralgenaria

This blog will explore the everyday life of a band of Coots that turned Feral


In the Beginning

I’ve been told that in ancient times, Coots that had turned Feral were sent on their way on ice Packs

As time goes on

From the Caveman to this Day, there have been examples of Coots that have turned Feral

Seminal Five

There was the morning, as the five sat, with coffee in hand, that they decided to go feral

Pants on the Ground

Our Feral Coots confidently face that first day of their new life

In the Light of Day


As the sun sets that first day

The growing number of Feral Coots gathered around for an evening campfire

Throughout the Night

“KUMBAYA,” can be heard

The Next Morning

Our “Very Advanced People” (As they insisted on being known) determined their future

A Constitution

And a Dress Code

There are occasions when alternate attire is reluctantly tolerated


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